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About us

Jetwix is a team of experienced specialists who are engaged in the restoration and conservation of nuclear reactors. We find the failed nuclear power plants around the world and restore their working capacity or provide a reliable sarcophagus. This work brings us satisfaction, since every successfully launched reactor brings light and heat to someone's house. It became clear that we can make good money on this kind of activity when a talented financier joined us. We also entered the world of business, because we are technical experts of the highest level. This was the impetus for the next stage of development.

For the past year we already got two reactors and one sarcophagus in our asset. We expand and receive orders around the world with the help of additional investments. The more perfect our equipment, the more successful our work. Continuous training of technical staff allows us to be on top of technology and do the job quickly and efficiently. Each your contribution is a step into the future for all mankind.

Our efficient work shows that each investor can quickly make a profit. Now our goal is to expand the organization. We have reached the world level and are already known in the nuclear industry. Join our team!



This year we received an official registration as a financial company (not as a restoration of nuclear reactors brigade). The legal registration of our activities allows us to attract investors from all over the world. As our experience has shown, the nuclear industry is a very promising field and is at the peak of development. Gas and oil are expensive and nuclear energy can be available to everyone. The official certificate confirms our legitimacy. You can easily check its authenticity by clicking on the “Check company” button.

41 Tabernacle Street, London,
United Kingdom, EC2A 4AA
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Actual activity

The energy dependence of the world forces us to search for new sources of energy. We solve the problems of all mankind by rebuilding nuclear reactors. This area of activity will always be perspective.

User-friendly interface

This platform was created for our clients. Now you do not need to go to the office and look for other ways of communication. The personal account allows to execute all actions, including withdrawing profit. We made the interface as simple and straightforward as possible.

Full protection

We protect not only your financial assets, but also personal information. Having concluded the agreement on protection against DDOS attacks, we provided the site's external protection. Encryption of data transfer prevents the hacking from the inside.


Our company has an official registration in the UK. We do not hide our data - you can check the certificate right on the site. Our goal is long-term cooperation with every investor and partner.

Design and script

We use a licensed script and created a unique website design. It was designed not only to impress. The main thing is convenience for our users. All important information can be obtained within a minute.